The Therapeutic Potential of Music

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Much like shopping is therapeutic to many so too is listening to music. I mean we even found that dress hire Perth was able to give many an enjoyable experience. But enough about that, back to the music.

Regardless of which culture you are from, everyone loves music. The genres may be different, different words may touch you in a certain way or some kind of music fascinate you. It’s the elements of music that make all the difference. There is something about music that people do not understand considering that music in itself has therapeutic potential.

Mental Health Benefits

When one listens to music particularly one that they love, a mood-enhancing chemical known as dopamine is produced. This helps in fighting mental disorders and especially depression. It also helps people to understand all about various mental issues. This is one reason that therapists have embraced music therapy in treatments. 

The body releases a hormone known as cortisol when one is stressed. By listening to music, the production of the hormone is reduced and one feels much better. The same goes for infants. They would rather listen to music rather than someone talking to them.

Boosts Recovery from Brain Injury

When one has suffered brain surgery such as from stroke and they listen to music, they improve quickly than those who do not listen at all. The more they listen to music, the more attention they show, they also show improved language ability, positive mood and they have better verbal memory. Listening to music is also beneficial to those suffering from epilepsy.

Helps In Minimizing Anxiety and Pain

Listening to music while in pain helps in reducing it but it also depends on the kind of music that one prefers. It is more beneficial to those in pain after surgery, those feeling fatigued and those with joint pain among other painful issues. Researchers state that the natural pain reliever in the body (opioids) is released every time one listens to some relaxing music that they choose.

Helps in Memory Recall

Studies show that listening to one’s favorite music helps in memory recall. This is helpful notably to those in the early stages of dementia. When one listens and sings to things, they tend to remember things as this boosts verbatim memory.

By relieving stress, pain, anxiety, boosting memory and boosting brain recovery after an injury, it’s evident that music has varieties of health benefits. This explains one reason that music therapy is becoming popular with therapists. When this is combined with the usual treatments, patients improve more. For those that are stressed, listening to self-chosen music inhibits cortisol production and relieves the stress.